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[Fabric Cutting Projects] End Year Promotion
Promotion Activity is avail until December. 31. For more information, please contact at:Email: myclaser@myclaser.comWhatsapp & Wechat: 15689700362
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[NON-Metal Cutting Projects] Detailed introduction of nozzles of laser cutting machine accessories
The nozzle is used to spray auxiliary gas to the cutting area. Generally, a coaxial (air flow and optical axis coaxial line) nozzle is used on a laser cutting machine. About it, the universe is big and it will affect the cutting quality if it is not done well.1. The shape of the nozzleThere are many
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[Fabric Cutting Projects] Laser tube faults usually show that no laser beam is emitted and the laser beam is very weak
CD, VCD laser head is a vulnerable parts, the core component of the vulnerable parts is the laser tube, many maintenance in the laser tube after damage to spend dozens of yuan directly replace the laser head, which is not cost-effective for consumers, in fact, as long as the cost of replacing the la
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[Fabric Cutting Projects] The service life of the laser tube
Laser tube, full name: glass sealed-off CO2 laser. Because this laser is encapsulated by a glass tube, it is commonly called a laser tube.Working principle: High-voltage discharge excites high-concentration CO2 gas to produce a laser with a wavelength of 10.6um.It is mainly composed of hard glass, r
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[Fabric Cutting Projects] Frequently asked questions by laser sculptors, how to extend the life of the laser tube?
Precautions for the use of laser tubeAnalysis of years of experience in laser production of micro-engraving laser:1. When using, please connect the cooling water first, adopt the principle of low inlet and high output, adjust the position of the outlet pipe to ensure that the cooling water is full o
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