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[Fabric Cutting Projects] Textile and garment laser cutting machine
extile and garment laser cutting machine is a machine for garment cutting and processing production.It is characterized by flexible and efficient proofing production, helps us with intelligent typesetting and automatic identification of cutting patterns, which not only solves time but also saves mat
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[Fabric Cutting Projects] The benefits of laser cutting machine
The fabric is woven one by one. If it is cut in other ways, it is easy to form loose edges. However, if it is cut by laser, it is cut with thermal energy, and there will be no problem of loose edges. The lines are glued together, and the light spot of the beam is relatively thin, it is only about 0.
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[Fabric Cutting Projects] Three advantages of circular knife cutting machine
First: the operating system is fully touch-screen visual operation, simple and easy to learn.Second: all kinds of coils are matched with feeding correction frames, which can automatically feed and correct the fabrics and liberate labor.Third: The servo motor is matched with the self-developed cutter
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[Fabric Cutting Projects] Why choose automatic cutting machine
1. Management level: In the case of reducing labor, the automatic cutting machine automatically reduces the dependence on labor, thus making personnel management simple.2. Beautify the environment: The traditional cutting mode and the flying crumbs pollute the environment easily to cause flying crum
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[Fabric Cutting Projects] Related knowledge of sofa cutting machine
Sofa home textile cutting machine, different from traditional manual cutting, abandons manual pattern making, only needs the scanner to scan the paper pattern into an electronic pattern, or directly upload the pattern to the computer and store it in the computer, which can be used permanently withou
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