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  • Q Why are woodworking engraving machines widely used in mass production of furniture?

    A Hand-carved furniture can be customized, but not mass-produced. In order to meet the consumer's consumption capacity and high-end demand force, can only take the road of mechanized production, production cost dilution belief. Use woodworking engraving machine instead of traditional production to improve worker efficiency and reduce production costs.
    Mai Xiang woodworking engraving machine features and advantages:
    1. The bed adopts strong steel pipe structure. After analysis and design, it has a strong and durable structure, which can reduce stress and make the work table more stable.
    2. Spindle adopts well-known brand, fast speed and high efficiency.
    3. Equipped with high-performance servo motor, can work with high precision. The servo motor runs smoothly with no vibration even at low speed. And it's very overloaded.
    4. Automatic tool change system with 6 or 8 cutting tools is controlled by CNC Syntec control system. You can change tools very quickly and reliably.
    5. Positioning bearings, ball screws and linear slide rails are controlled by the lathe control system and maintained by the automatic lubrication system.
    6. Breakpoint memory, continue carving after power failure, predict processing time and other functions.
  • Q Advantages of CNC woodworking engraving machine in the production process:

    A 1. The automation
    The first benefit provided by all forms of CNC engraving machines is a high degree of automation. It can reduce or eliminate the skill level of the operator in producing the work. Many CNC engraving machines can operate unattended throughout the processing cycle, thus freeing the operator to perform other tasks. This brings many benefits to CNC users, such as reduced operator fatigue, reduced error due to human error, and consistent and predictable processing times for each workpiece.
    Accuracy of 2.
    The second major advantage of NUMERICAL control technology is the consistency and accuracy of the workpiece. Today's CNC engraving machines typically have a precision range of 2 to 4 thousandths of an inch or 0.05 to 0.10 mm, with repeatability close to or better than 8 thousandths of an inch or 0.02mm. This means that ten or thousands of identical artifacts of similar size and shape can easily be obtained through the machine.
    3. The flexibility
    Because these machines are run by computer programs, it is as easy to run different artifacts as to load different programs.
    4. Switch quickly.
    Because these machines are so easy to set up and run, and can easily load programs, their setup time is very short. This is critical in today's just-in-time production environment
    5. Reduce costs
    Because the machine tool will run under program control, so compared with the workers who use conventional machine tools to produce the workpiece, the requirements for operation and technical personnel are also reduced, and the company also saves a lot of manpower and material resources.
  • Q What kind of development has been brought to stone machinery industry in the era of innovation?

    A With the innovation of science and technology, stone machinery and machinery in other industries are changing rapidly. Today, many types of stone machinery have made greater progress than in the past: Sawing granite sand processing, for example, has grown to wide processing 7, at the same time with a standard clamping blocks, 4 230 blade, 24-hour processing efficiency model of 3500 square meters, production line of granite sawing and diamond wire technology already in production in mines, heterotypic stone processing equipment to the diversification, the direction of multi-mode, promoted the stone processing center with a variety of tools, Provides the means for innovative products. The release and application of stone CNC engraving machine provide a variety of forms and patterns for stone decoration, so that the new products are more suitable for decoration and size requirements. New and convenient stone decoration machinery tools have been widely used in the field of decoration.
    Stone cleaning, protection, adhesion chemical mechanical stone has become a new application field, artificial and synthetic stone production equipment has been realized in the country, and promote the use of resources, but also promote the use of artificial stone and synthetic stone.
    In the process of stone production, a large number of stone machinery and tools are needed, including stone CNC engraving machines. In addition, around the stone production process and associated auxiliary processes, the use of machinery, parts, tools, auxiliary materials, equipment and other stone constitute the entire production process of all machinery.
  • Q How to choose a high quality woodworking engraving machine?

    A The following is summed up by mai Hsiang xiaobian for several points of attention when buying woodworking engraving machine;
    The intensity of 1.
    The main factor affecting the strength of woodworking engraving machine is spindle motor power, the general power is perfect in more than 3KW, CNC tools can be clamped to 12.7mm.
    The configuration of parts also affects the strength of woodworking CNC machines.
    2. Work speed
    Considering the service life of the machine, we need to pay attention to the processing efficiency. With hard work, it can be faster.
    3. The accuracy
    The carving and cutting must take a long time to get into good position, and the carving must be smooth and straight.
    4. Fully functional
    A vacuum: traditional CNC woodworking engraving machine using fixed plate, inevitably lead to the sheet can not be fully utilized, or be fully utilized and cause trouble operation. Vacuum sucker fixed the engraving plate on the desktop working area, divided into six panels of different sizes can be processed.
    B dust cleaning: CNC wood machine in the process of carving wood chips to take into account the four impact of flying on the environment, so add dust can solve the problem.
    C Energy: The largest spindle motor will generate energy loss and traditionally requires manual control of the spindle motor. It is inevitable that you forget to turn off the spindle after carving, which wastes energy and poses a safety hazard. The CNC woodworking machine stops working after the machine tool spindle stops rotating automatically.
    D offline: considering the surrounding environment and the convenience of the new control system, Maixiang CNC woodworking engraving machine can be used completely offline, without the need for a computer, simple operation, strong compatibility.
  • Q For customers who just contact CNC engraving machine, the first impression is mostly nervous, I do not know where to start. In fact, CNC engraving machine learning is a step by step process, intelligent Settings, operation is relatively simple and convenient, mainly to learn some system knowledge, f

    A Plate NC furniture production line realizes file transfer between software and equipment. And can also realize the transmission platform connection between different CNC machine tools. This is a production method that makes furniture production intelligent and automated. This production method can not only save labor costs, save printing plate, but also improve processing efficiency, improve product quality. Therefore, CNC furniture production plans with different combinations are becoming more and more popular among furniture manufacturers.


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