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Buy a laser cutting machine to choose a big brand or a small brand

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Many businesses hesitate between big and small brands when it comes to buying equipment. In fact, large and small brands have their own advantages: high-end brands of equipment are more guaranteed in quality, and manufacturers will provide good after-sales service. Taking the most influential Bond Laser in the laser industry as an example, the Bond laser cutting machine has reached the top level in cutting accuracy, cutting speed and stability, and has perfect after-sales service. Han's Laser and TRUMPF Laser are also good brands. And some small brands that are not well-known are inferior to big brands in terms of cutting quality and speed, and the after-sales service is not as good as that of big brands. But small brands win at low prices. We must be rational when purchasing, and choose the most cost-effective equipment based on the requirements of production efficiency and processing accuracy. It should be noted that some products cut by low-priced machines require secondary processing due to serious slag formation, and the cost is very high. Therefore, it is not that the lower the price of the machine, the higher the cost performance, we still have to combine the budget and try to choose a big brand.

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