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Four advantages of laser cutting machine for automobile manufacturing

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1. High machining accuracy

Compared with other cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment has higher processing precision and can meet the processing requirements of high-precision accessories.

Second, the slit width is narrow

The small slit is conducive to reducing the spacing of accessories, improving the utilization rate of materials, and producing less cutting slag during cutting.

3. High utilization rate of materials

When cutting accessories, you can cut different accessories with the same thickness and material, and make full use of the leftovers of the raw materials.

Fourth, the cutting roughness value is low

When laser cutting equipment cuts accessories of the same material, the cutting roughness value is lower than other equipment. In the automobile manufacturing industry, the cross-section roughness of workpieces processed by different CNC cutting equipment is significantly different, and the cross-section roughness value of laser cutting is low.

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