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How about the cutting effect of the blade cutting machine for the fur integrated material?

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Fur integration refers to the animal skin and fur taken off together, so that the fur will be softer, breathable, and the warm effect is better. Common furs are sheep, rabbits, foxes, etc., usually we usually commonly mainly sheepskin fur.

The advantages of the unity of fur are:

1. Soft and comfortable, strong moisture absorption. Moisture can be quickly discharged through the pores of the sheepskin plate, so it can resist mildew;

2, warm protection is very strong. It is 1.5-2 times the warming effect of down jackets;

3. There will be no return tide. The inside of the fur-integrated shoe can always be in a dry state;

4. Anti-wrinkle. Repeated back-folding without any wrinkle marks;

5. Health care.

Fur integrated products:

Snow boots, gloves, coats, blankets, indoor warm shoes and more.

So how to cut the fur as a whole material?

Here need to mention the fur integrated blade automatic cutting machine, for this material, in the cutting process not only requires efficiency and precision, but also does not hurt the hair, the damage to the material as far as possible to do the lowest, the blade automatic cutting machine can be a good way to meet these needs.

Because it is a blade cutting, there will be no smoke and odor, and there will be no burnt edges or unpleasant smell on the fur;

Then there is the high precision cutting, which can effectively avoid the damage of the fur;

Import data direct cutting, no longer hard proofing, waste of time and cost;

Automatic nesting system, better to increase the use of materials to the maximum, such expensive materials of course can not be wasted.

Of course, there are many advantages that allow the blade cutter to stand out in terms of fur cutting

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