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Sofa Cutting Machine Automatic Sofa Laser Cutting Machine

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Sofa Cutting Machine Fully-automatic sofa cutting machine is called sofa cutting machine for short. It is mainly used in sofa leather cutting and hollowing, sofa leather special-shaped customization, etc.

Its characteristics:

1. Change the ruler in one second, typesetting in three seconds, and support special-shaped customization.

2. The large-size work surface can be used not only for sofa leather, but also for large workpieces such as clothing, fur, carbon fiber, and white cloth.

3. The whole gantry is covered with a ventilation system, which can clean up the cut out impurities in time.

4. The partition adsorption function prevents the sofa leather from shifting.

5. Imported servo motor cooperates with high-speed inner slide rail, cutting speed is fast and stable. The finished product is smooth and flawless.

After the emergence of the sofa cloth cutting machine automatic sofa laser machine, not only the efficiency of factory production has been improved, but the demand for consumers has also increased a lot.


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