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Some common sense about laser engraving machine

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Let's talk about some concepts of laser engraving first, so what is laser engraving? In the traditional concept of engraving, we understand engraving as an imaginary master hand holding a knife or a power tool to chisel exquisite patterns.

  Then the so-called laser engraving is the use of laser technology to engrave. The principle is to use the burning of laser heat or chemical changes on the engraved surface to produce engraving marks. Compared with hand-held tools, the advantages of laser engraving machines are that the engraved text and patterns can be controlled, the size can be controlled, and the engraved patterns are also relatively fine.

The disadvantage is that it is not as three-dimensional as manual physical engraving. Therefore, the laser engraving machine is mainly used for shallow marking. The concept is clear, let's talk about the structure of the laser engraving machine. The realization of the engraving function of the laser engraving machine mainly requires software to control the mechanical transmission of the laser light source. It is used to edit picture text, adjust parameters and start and stop.

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