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The core technology of laser obstacle clearance fully escorts the main distribution network line

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According to statistics, in recent years, the proportion of short circuits caused by floating objects in the line has reached 25% of all external damages, and the length of the 10-kV line of the Dongguan distribution network accounts for 60% of the overhead lines of the entire Dongguan power grid. "Therefore, the floating objects on the overhead lines of the distribution network urgently need to be handled in a more scientific and effective way." Project member Yuan Shuhua said, "The height of the distribution network line is usually about 15 meters. Lasers are more targeted, saving costs and maximizing utility."

According to reports, the device uses a carbon dioxide laser to converge the energy at the foreign body, cut it and drop it to the ground under the action of gravity to complete the task of clearing obstacles. The power range is within 250 watts and the effective range is 40 meters. Recently, the device was successfully tested. It took less than 10 minutes for the operation and maintenance personnel to knock a kite hung on a certain tower line in the jurisdiction to the ground. The "laser gun" also has strong flexibility and adaptability. It can flexibly choose different powers for cutting according to the characteristics of different distances and different types of foreign objects. It also avoids the personal safety risks of live fault removal, and can also avoid power outages. Impact on users' electricity consumption and cause economic losses to society.

However, it is worth mentioning that, compared with the "laser cannon", the "laser gun" dedicated to the distribution network line is of great help in reducing the power outage time of the customer terminal. In the entire power grid, the distribution network is a line that directly supplies power to customers. However, the distribution network frame is not as perfect as the main network, which leads to the planned and faulty blackout actual power transfer rate relative to the main network. Once the line encounters floating objects and needs to be processed for power outage, it will increase the number of unplanned outages of the distribution line, which directly affects the outage time of the customer terminal and affects the electricity consumption of the citizens' production and life. "The data shows that the average customer outage time is in the middle. , The fault power outage time accounts for nearly 50% of the total, and the line fault removal work accounts for 40% of the fault power outage time. "With this device, the fault removal work can be completed in a live state, which can greatly reduce the customer’s power outage time. ." Yuan Shuhua said.

At the beginning of the design, the R&D team took into account the portability of the device and exquisite materials. “We choose light-weight and high-strength structural materials and adopt an integrated design method to minimize the volume and weight of the equipment and improve the cleanliness. With the efficiency and mobility of the obstacle, one person can complete the disassembly and assembly, and the use is easier. "The portable design greatly facilitates the maintenance and removal of obstacles on the line by the operation and maintenance personnel. In addition, because the distribution overhead lines are not high and some are close to residential areas, the R&D team has specially tested human injuries, so as to operate under the conditions of human safety; for the special insulated wires of the distribution network, it has also done Laser damage to the insulation skin is tested, and then improvements are made to indicate the power of common and different obstacles.

In addition, due to the low power of the device, the cost is relatively low, which is more conducive to the subsequent promotion and transformation of the results. "In addition to being suitable for power distribution networks, it is also suitable for obstacle clearance in other industries, such as railways. Its overhead lines are low, usually within 10 meters, and are more suitable for such low-power devices to operate. It will bring broad market application prospects."

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