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What is the vibrating knife suitable for cutting

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Nowadays, more and more products are cut with machinery and equipment. There are co2 laser cutting machines, vibrating knife cutting, and fiber laser cutting, all of which are different.

For items with different thicknesses, different sizes, and different shapes, in order to obtain a better cutting effect during the processing, the equipment used is also different.

At present, the vibrating knife cutting machine is mainly used in these three categories:

1. Products with a certain thickness, such as: rubber mats, carpets, transparent household dining table mats, toilet mats, sponges, etc.

2. Products with certain hardness, such as: floor leather, sound insulation board, sound-absorbing board, EVA material, etc.

3. Materials with cross-breathability, such as yoga mats, sponge mats, pvc leather cloth, pearl cotton, composite materials, etc.

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