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What is tpu composite fabric and how to cut it?

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The composite fabric has special functions such as waterproof and moisture permeability, radiation resistance, abrasion resistance, washing resistance, abrasion resistance, and wind resistance.

When TPU is compounded on clothing fabrics, it is generally divided into three types, low air permeability, normal air permeability, and high air permeability. This mainly refers to the moisture permeability, and the water resistance is generally above 10,000 Pa.

Generally, the following moisture permeability of 2000 Pa is referred to as low air permeability. About 2000-8000Pa is normal breathable. The moisture permeability exceeding 8000Pa is called high air permeability.

How to cut tpu composite fabric?

For materials like tpu, it is recommended to use a vibrating knife automatic cutting machine for cutting, which has fast cutting speed and high cutting precision, saving materials and reducing costs.


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