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Which materials are suitable for processing bags

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Leather fabrics can be used to process bags:

1. The bags processed from artificial leather are of good quality and low price, and the market audience is relatively wide, so they are more popular with everyone.

2. Animal leather, this type of leather can also be used to process luggage, such as crocodile skin, etc., which can be widely used to process luggage, but this type of luggage is more expensive.

3. Pu leather can also be widely used in leather bag processing.

Warp knitted polyester fabric can be used to process luggage:

Full-elastic oxford, that is, warp-knitted polyester fabric, is also a good choice for processing luggage. This kind of luggage has fine textile texture, soft luster, and good waterproof performance. It is one of the bags that many female friends pursue.

Sandwich fabrics can also be used to process bags:

The bags made of sandwich fabrics have good wear resistance, bright colors and easy maintenance. In fact, the sandwich fabrics are also polyester fabrics, but due to the particularity of the process, the sandwich bags will not appear pilling.

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