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Advantages of stone engraving machine

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Stone carving machine

Stone carving machineStone carving machine

Suitable for stone industry, stone tombstone processing industry, art relief, advertising industry, decoration industry, ceramic industry, etc. Common uses are: stone engraving, stone relief, stone positive carving, stone undercut carving, stone thread carving, etc.

Application materials:

Marble, granite, Chinese black, bluestone, jade, ceramics, glass, plastic, chemical composite board plexiglass, pvc board, bamboo wood, aluminum composite board, metal, plastic and other materials for line carving, embossing, cutting, beveling , Drilling

Equipment advantages:

The bed is welded by steel pipes on the rear wall to ensure that the body is not deformed, has good rigidity and high strength.

The Y-axis adopts dual motors to ensure stability during high-speed operation.

It adopts high-precision rack and pinion transmission, which is fast and powerful.

Adopt square linear guide rail, high precision, large bearing capacity and long life.

The machine tool is equipped with a sink and an automatic water supply cooling system.

All-round dustproof and waterproof design, all-round protection of machine parts.

Work area


Spindle power


Z axis

Within   300mm

Spindle speed


Cutting speed


Software operating environment



TYPE3/Artcam/ug/CAD/CAM etc



Control system




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