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Application of Car Mat Cutting Machine

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Car mat cutting machine is also called car mat oscillating knife cutting machine, which is used in sofa, seat, car seat cover, car floor mat, car carpet and other industries.

As an automatic mechanical equipment, the vibration pad cutting machine for automobile pads has significant benefits in enhancing factory profits, improving product quality, and solving labor costs.

In the current process of social development, choosing a car mat cutting machine is more flexible than conventional machines. It can cut various leather products, reduce heat-affected areas, and deform the workpiece, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and reducing Cost of production.

Under the influence of rising production costs in the market, automobile mat cutting machines have reduced a lot of heavy pressure for enterprises, driving production enterprises to develop in the direction of intelligence and automation. Automobile mat cutting machines have a broad market and prospects.

MC car mat vibration blade cutting machine processes personalized seat covers and special car mats with stable performance, fast cutting speed, and automatic characteristics, which can meet the needs of personalized and special car production.

The car mat cutting machine designs the car version graphics by inputting the car version, or scans the vector map of the car floor mat, seat cushion, and seat cover into electronic files by scanning the physical version, performs the cutting task, and completes the cutting operation of the car floor mat seat cushion.

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