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CO2 laser Cutter For cloth

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There are many specifications of focusing mirrors and reflectors. Here is a brief introduction:


1. Laser focusing lens. There are two types of domestic and imported ones. The transmittance of domestically-made focusing mirrors is between 90%-95%. They are generally used for laser tubes with a length of 1250mm or less. The domestically-made focusing mirrors have many impurities and absorb large amounts of heat. The laser tube reduces the cutting efficiency and easily breaks down the lens. The imported focusing lens has a transmittance above 99% and is generally used for laser tubes below 150w. It has less impurities, high transmittance, and fine spot. It is generally the first choice. The thickness of the conventional domestic and imported focusing lens is generally 2mm. If it is used for a laser tube above 150w, it is recommended to use a thickness of 3mm, so that the thermal lens effect is reduced and the use is more stable. The 300w laser tube uses a focusing lens with a diameter of 25mm or more and a thickness of 3mm or more.


2. Laser mirror. There are molybdenum material, silicon gold-plated material and dielectric film. The molybdenum material has no coating and is used in a dirty environment. It is scratch-resistant and has a long service life, but the reflectivity is about 80% and the loss is relatively large. The silicon gold plating uses coating technology, the reflectivity is above 98%, the loss is low, the reflectivity is high, it is suitable for places with a cleaner environment, and the life span is shorter than that of molybdenum material. Dielectric film mirror. Generally used on high-power mixed cutting machines, the reflectivity is above 99%, and the reflectivity is very high. It is suitable for thin metal cutting machines and high-power laser machines. The use of dielectric black film technology makes the production difficult, and there are few such production technologies in China. The life span is similar to that of silicon gold plating.

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