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Composition and characteristics of laser cutting machine

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  Laser cutting machine is a machine that uses laser to cut flexible fabrics. It is composed of a cutting bed, a metal lining board, a laser cutting head, a transmission positioning device horizontal guide rail, a longitudinal guide rail and a laser.

  By using the characteristics of high heat emitted by the laser and concentrated direction. Use the beam as a cutting tool for fast cutting. The characteristics are high precision, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting, not limited to the limitation of cutting patterns, and reducing processing costs.

  Because the laser cutting machine adopts the principle of fusion cutting, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of fabric adhesion when cutting the fabric, so it is not suitable for cutting multi-layer fabrics. Generally used for cutting larger size products, such as sports goods, sofa leather, clothing fabric cutting, leisure travel goods, etc. It can also be finely cut for various fabrics such as small nylon cloth, waterproof cloth, microfiber dust-free and so on.

  During the Wuhan epidemic last year, the Chinese factory chose a laser cutting machine to cut medical protective clothing quickly and without error. In a short period of time, it produced a large number of medical protective clothing to protect the physical and mental health of the people across the country.

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