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How to choose a fur digital knife cutting machine?

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  The fur cutting machine uses the power of the machine arm and the high-speed rotation of the blade to make the cutting. The finished product is exquisite and beautiful, the cut is smooth and clean, which improves efficiency and reduces costs. It is not only suitable for fur cutting, but also for various clothing fabrics such as woven fabrics. Fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, Baba yarn, plain cloth, fine cloth, plush, etc. can also be cut.

So how to choose a suitable fur cutting machine?

1. Look at the appearance. Small details such as the distance between the round blade and the bottom surface, the shape and size of the blade, the design of the machine tool panel, etc., will affect the cut samples.

2. Look at the smoothness of the finished product, the finished product cut and cut by an excellent round knife must be clean and neat, with smooth and flawless edges.

3. Looking at the voltage, power, speed, etc., this is also the most intuitive feeling that reflects the quality of a machine.

4. Work continuity. A qualified round knife cutting must be equipped with an imported servo motor and a high-precision rotary knife, which can work continuously and stably on the cutting material.

The above is the small knowledge summarized by the editor of Maichuang. For other questions, please consult me for details~

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