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Is the fabric sofa laser cutting machine easy to use?

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  Sofa customization seems to have become a way of life for humans now. More and more diverse sofas are coming. Ordinary production technology can no longer meet the needs of society. Instead, ruthless machines are used.

Fabric sofa laser cutting machine is one of them, using laser beam instead of blade to cut and hollow out the sofa leather.

  Is the fabric sofa laser cutting machine easy to use?

  From a personal point of view, he is very easy to use, for the following reasons:

1. Convenient operation, intelligent operation in the whole process, controlled by CNC coding, one person can master it.

2. Save materials and reduce costs. The intelligent optimization approach system will intelligently typeset according to the size of the material, improve the utilization rate of the material, and reduce the cost.

3. The finished product is exquisite and beautiful. The edge of the finished product cut by the laser cutting machine is smooth and flawless, and the error of each finished product is also very small, which cannot be done by hand.

4. High production efficiency. The high-power laser tube is equipped with internal slide rails and hybrid servo motors, and it runs fast and stable, and can work continuously.

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