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Multi-layer cloth cutting machine

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Multi-layer cloth cutting machine generally do not choose cloth laser cutting machines. Because laser cutting is thermal processing, if the cutting effect is high, it is best not to cut multiple layers, and even multi-layer cutting can cut up to three layers, more than three layers The cutting effect is very poor, because the heat of the middle layer of cloth is not easy to remove after cutting, and it is easy to make the cloth yellow.

In comparison, vibrating knife fabric cutting machine is more suitable for Multi-layer cloth cutting

Compared with laser:

1. The edges of the material will not blacken and carbonize after cutting

2. Cutting material will not burn

3. Can cut corrugated paper, cardboard, white paperboard, gray paperboard, self-adhesive, PVC rubber board, KT board, artificial leather, leather, gasket, sponge, prepreg, fabric, acrylic, honeycomb board, fiberboard, epoxy resin board , Plexiglass, car mats, fiber composite materials and other flexible materials that are difficult to process by laser

4. There is no dazzling light when working, it will not harm the workers' body due to radiation, and it is very safe.

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