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Non-woven laser cutting machine

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Non-woven fabric, also known as non-woven fabric, is composed of oriented or random fibers. It is called non-woven fabric because it looks different.

Features: Because it is composed of fibers, it has a certain degree of moisture resistance, soft and comfortable, and relatively light.

Non-woven fabrics can be used in various industries, such as medical surgical gowns, masks, soft towel rolls, etc.; agricultural seedling cloth and irrigation cloth; linings and flakes in clothing; even our household sheets and bedspreads are used Made of non-woven fabric.

With the rapid development of non-woven fabrics, it has also driven the rise of non-woven fabric cutting machines. Among them, the non-woven fabric cutting machine with higher cost performance belongs to the non-woven fabric cutting machine.

The use of high-hardness tungsten steel round knife blades for fast cutting and cutting is characterized by fast speed, high efficiency and low price.

The non-woven circular knife cutting machine adopts imported servo motor to ensure the continuous and stable work of the machine and realize the super-width cutting of materials.

The open large-format workbench also just satisfies the cutting of wider fabrics, whether it is non-woven or textile clothing, sofa cutting, etc.

The two sides are equipped with dust cover, which can reduce the erosion of the belt of the guide rail by dust and improve the working life of the machine.

Anyway, the appearance of the cloth circular knife cutting machine has given us more choices. For more questions, please consult me in detail.

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