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Points to note for laser cutting machine

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1. Normal switch

Turn on: Turn on the stabilized power supply first, then turn on the water cooling, air compressor, refrigeration dryer, numerical control, laser, high-purity nitrogen bottle (pressure relief valve control pressure is about 0.5MKA), and finally turn on the operation panel. The first thing when turning on the machine is to return to zero. In the process of zero return, you must first determine whether the emergency stop is released, whether the alarm is released, and then return to zero. If the alarm is in the middle of zero return, reset the alarm first, and then continue to return to zero. If you cannot return to zero or stop when the zero return action is not completed, enter SIEMENSStart upNCK ResetYES to restart the CNC, wait for the red light on the handheld to turn on, and then press SETZERO to return to zero, or turn it off The master computer restarts and returns to zero. (Enter user name: OEM password: S1stem32 to enter the working interface)

Standby: When the device needs to temporarily stop working, it can be put in standby state, turn off HV ON, and just take the emergency stop switch.

Shutdown: Turn off the high voltage, turn off the laser, turn off the operation panel, water cooler, refrigeration dryer, laser electric cabinet, CNC electric cabinet, exhaust fan, stabilized power supply, and turn off all gas cylinders.

In addition, every air compressor and cold dryer need to be drained. If it is operated 24 hours a day, it should be ensured that the water is drained at least once every 6 hours, and once every 4 hours when the air is relatively humid in summer.

2. Proficiency in operating machine tools for production, mastering various material cutting processes

First copy the program in, then call out the cutting parameters of the corresponding material and thickness, change the corresponding nozzle, lay the center, adjust the focus, and confirm that the program is correct and the gas is turned on to cut. For hitting the center, a lot of practice is needed to master the hand feeling in order to hit the light faster.

Nozzle: Use 1.0 nozzle for cutting carbon steel below 6mm, 1.5 nozzle for cutting 8MM, 12MM carbon steel, and 2.0 nozzle for carbon steel above 14MM. Generally, we use 2.0 nozzles for stainless steel below 4mm, and 2.5 nozzles for stainless steel above 5mm. We all use double-layer nozzles for cutting carbon steel, and single-layer nozzles for cutting stainless steel.

Cutting gas: The oxygen pressure is controlled by numerical control, but the outlet pressure controlled by the pressure reducing valve must not exceed 0.5MPA (otherwise the electronic valve will not open), and the maximum nitrogen gas pressure should not exceed 25 kg.

Use nitrogen to perforate stainless steel below 3mm, and use oxygen to perforate stainless steel above 4mm or carbon steel. When cutting stainless steel above 3mm, it is better to dig a small hole after drilling. The digging radius is defined in the parameters. The nitrogen pressure for cutting stainless steel below 2MM is 8 kg, and the nitrogen pressure for cutting 3MM and 4MM stainless steel is 10 kg. The nitrogen pressure for 5MM and 6MM stainless steel is 12 kg, and the nitrogen pressure for cutting 8MM stainless steel is 15 kg. If you use oxygen to cut stainless steel, you only need to cut it as carbon steel.

Cutting: Adjust the focus position before cutting (there is a reference value recorded in the notepad of the expert database), you can find a piece of material of the same thickness for trial cutting, and adjust it to the best state before cutting the product. For tool compensation in the cutting process, if you use the tool to compensate, you will always use the left tool to compensate, follow the principle of internal inversion and external compliance, try to cut a small square before cutting, adjust the Kerf in the parameters, and then cut; if you dont use the knife Supplementary needs

Change each "G41" in the program to "; G41". For the cutting of non-metallic materials, mechanical sensors are used.

Laser ventilation: The laser needs to be changed every 72 hours. When you see the GASCHANGE IN MAX24h alarm on the laser, it means that the laser needs to be ventilated. At this time, you only need to turn off the high pressure, open the gas cylinder and press on the laser electric cabinet. F7F6F2F7 can realize gas exchange (please note that this process must ensure that LASERON is turned on), wait a few minutes for the gas exchange, and then turn off the gas cylinder. Note that the alarm laser can still be used for 24 hours after the occurrence of GASCHANGE IN MAX24h, but try to see this alarm and change the gas, so that the beam quality is more secure.

3. Use of programming software SHAPE

Programming: After the CAD drawing is completed, the graphics should be reset to zero and saved in .dxf format. Import CAD graphics, first change the tool, then add the lead, restore the graphics, reorder, and finally save the n file generation program. If you need to save, you can save it to a file.

Typesetting: You can typeset in CAD and then program, or you can process a single graphic in SHAPE (add lead, sort order, merge graphics), save it as a file, and then typeset in the software to generate the program.

Line length calculation: Import the graphics that need to be calculated line length into the software and save the e file to know the cutting line length

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