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Round knife die-cutting machine basic knowledge

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With the development of the die cutting industry continues to mature, die cutting commonly used equipment is also changing. Usually used in die cutting using the domestic equipment by the traditional old flat die-cutting machine, flat hot stamping die-cutting machine, extrusion die cutting machine, single-seat die-cutting machine, two-seater die cutting machine, small set of a die cutting machine to intermittent rotary die cutting machine, rotary die cutting machine, with the constant change of die cutting products technology and mature, also more and more high to the requirement of function of die cutting machine. As a kind of high efficiency and high cost operation equipment in die cutting industry, the circular cutter has its unique performance and its unique advantages. Today Xiaobian for everyone to check the round knife die-cutting machine several basic knowledge......

The machining principle of round knife machine

Round knife machine is a die-cutting machine, the full name is "multi-station rotary die-cutting machine", referred to as rotary machine, commonly known as round knife machine, hob machine or round knife die-cutting machine. It is one of the most efficient die-cutting machines in the form of continuous rotation of the hob. It is divided into 2 seats, 3 seats, 5 seats, 7 seats and other series of round knife die-cutting machines. Round knife die-cutting is through the blade and cushion roller extrusion material to achieve the purpose of die-cutting, cushion roller is a smooth surface and hard cylindrical shaft, round knife processing is in a process to complete the composite and processing of multi-layer material die-cutting method.

At present, from the point of view of the tension control system of the multi-station circular cutter machine, it is generally divided into two kinds: one is the use of automatic tension control program, through the preset program, automatically calculate the size of the reel diameter of the retracting and discharging shaft, and calculate the torque force in time, so as to ensure the stability of tension. The program automatic tension control system is widely used in Europe and America. In the view of many operators, the advantages of the automatic tension control system are very obvious, such as the material does not need to be wound many times; Reduce material scratch, deformation; The operation is simple and convenient, and the program is easy to upgrade.

This is the basic processing principle of round knife die-cutting machine.

Cutter machine installation matters needing attention

1. First inspection/piece: (including checking the size of the drawing and preparation before production), the captain must check the product related notes in the drawing and remarks column before the first inspection, such as: For the control of key dimensions, special attention of appearance, exemption from inspection, packaging method, etc., the captain shall make the first inspection after checking and making sure that there is no error. During this period, he can do the preparation work before production, including preparing hose, preparing materials and cleaning the surrounding sanitation of the machine.

2, installed (including cutting die, materials), according to the requirements of process drawing die cutter, pay attention to avoid collision damage die cutter, pay attention to the hob lateral components and die cutter teeth to cooperate, to check the knife shaft on the steel rolling, hold knife also pay attention to item a, b, go wide materials refers to the appropriate excipients from went to the product of the earth's principal axes of tension reel:

A, the width of the material is generally more than the width of the knife die 8~10mm

B, in the process of moving material (paper) to ensure that the tension of each station is constant

3, adjustable machine: (including according to the loading process drawing and auxiliary pole), there should be a special emphasis on the auxiliary pole to correction, auxiliary pole roll shaft to turn the smooth, in the process of feeding paper feed, pay attention to try to use the tension axis (including waste, product goods except), other personal advice when the auxiliary pole, can use the straight rod to avoid using curved rod.

4. Knife washing and sponge pad: (refers to the knife mold pad sponge), it is recommended to wash the knife with a toothbrush + industrial gasoline, when the gap is lower than 1.5mm, the pad sponge is required to choose the density of 50~60 degrees of high rebound sponge, the thickness is decided according to the height of the knife cavity, according to the 1.5mm gap of the normal sponge selection from thin to thick, to avoid the collapse of the knife, Also pay attention to the calculation of the thickness of double-sided adhesive sponge.

Cautions for the use of circular cutter

1. When adjusting the blade gap, the blade shall not be knocked to prevent the blade from cracking. When adjusting the gap between the blade blade, the lower knife position should be adjusted first. During adjustment, the fastening bolt on the base of the blade should be loosened with professional tools, and the base of the blade should be moved left and right to an appropriate position, and then the fastening bolt should be tightened.

2. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment, and it is strictly prohibited to use the equipment with super performance. The mold on the operating platform has been precisely adjusted by the manufacturer after positioning, without special circumstances can not be adjusted.

3. The method of adjusting the upper knife is the same as the lower knife. According to the thickness of the cutting plate, the upper knife is adjusted to the appropriate gap, and the upper and lower pressure wheel is aligned with the knife. Adjust the position of each cutting tool in turn.

4. Clean the workbench and surrounding tools and items unrelated to work before starting the machine. Connect the main power supply, and then close the speed control box switch, adjust the roll to the speed. When shutdown, the procedure is reversed.

The maintenance method of round knife machine

1, die cutting box will produce a lot of waste paper edge, paper hair, a little attention will enter the chain drive part, die cutting part of the moving platform and some rotating parts, and may block the photoelectric detection, causing failure. Therefore, be sure to clean the body of the round cutter machine.

2. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. The blade must always be kept clean and the unpainted part of the anti-rust grease.

3. Regularly check and repair switches, insurance and handles to ensure their reliable operation.

4. Non-designated personnel are strictly prohibited to operate the equipment. People must leave the machine and stop normally.

The craft of round knife machine

Die-cutting process is the most commonly used packaging printing process, is to use a die-cutting knife according to the product design requirements of the pattern combined into a die-cutting version, under the action of pressure, the printed matter or other plate billet rolling cut into the required shape or cut marks of the forming process. Die cutting machine indentation process is the use of line knife or line die, and then through the role of pressure in the sheet material pressed line marks, or the use of rolling line wheel in the plate according to the predetermined position of bending molding. The equipment is usually die-cutting indentation process is the die-cutting knife and line knife combination in the same template, and in the die-cutting machine at the same time for die-cutting and indentation processing process, referred to as die-cutting.

Process of die-cutting machine: the main process of the equipment indentation for the plate - adjusting pressure - to determine the moment - paste material accessories - pressure test die-cutting - formal die-cutting indentation - waste - finished product winding or cut into pieces - point packaging. The die-cutting process of equipment has also been more and more favored and valued by printing enterprises, because it has adapted to the mechanization, linkage and automation requirements of the future post-press processing technology, so that people can according to the needs of the die pressing mechanism and printing machinery into a production line, and realize the on-line operation. It can also effectively reduce the demand for labor, shorten the process flow, reduce the loss in the process, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and obtain greater profits.

Die-cutting machine on die-cutting product waste elimination method

1. Blowing waste discharge: a pneumatic blowing and vacuum suction device is set outside the die base, and the waste is blown away by the pressure of the gas.

2, shrapnel waste: set outside the die seat shrapnel, in the die-cutting material after the process of pulling the elasticity of the shrapnel will be eject waste, waste collected in the waste box, note: this waste discharge method is suitable for some of the base glue products and without glue but thick material products.

3, oblique row method: suitable for small products, small release force, thick materials or products with special shape.

4, auxiliary material waste discharge method: this method has certain requirements for the collocation of materials, and the waste products of the top layer must be from the type, this method can be modified in the laminating machine or in the die cutting machine can meet the requirements, the circular cutter machine can be directly carried out.

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