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Service life of vibrating knife cutting machine

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As a new type of high-tech product, the vibrating knife cutting machine is becoming more and more familiar to the public. The life time is a direct manifestation of the quality of a vibrating knife. A good vibrating knife not only has a long service life, but also has a relatively high work quality and efficiency. It is suitable for cutting various objects.

1. Maichuang intelligent numerical control vibration knife cutting machine adopts imported servo motor to run more smoothly, with high precision and fast speed.

2. The bed is made of steel structure after high temperature tempering aging treatment, which can ensure that the body is not easy to be deformed, has good rigidity and high strength.

3. In order to ensure the quality of the overall machine, all electrical parts and pneumatic components of the cutting machine adopt well-known brands and support special-shaped customization.

Maintenance of vibrating knife cutting machine

1. It is not suitable to be used in a place with strong sunlight, so as to prevent the sun from affecting the service life of the countertop.

2. Periodically wipe the table surface of the vibrating knife cutting machine with alcohol, and do not pour alcohol directly into the table surface.

3. Do not place heavy objects or debris on the table to prevent the machine head from touching the machine when it is started.

4. Regularly optimize and maintain CNC computer inputs. After all, CNC directly affects the appearance of the sample.

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