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Small automatic cutting machine for cloth

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Machines in the process of industrial production appears more and more important, all kinds of large and small machines are born accordingly, replacing manual production.

Today to introduce a special for cloth, textile clothing, silk, fiber cloth and other cloth for cutting and cutting of small machines, small cloth automatic cutting machine, the size of the factory can be.

What is the small cloth automatic cutting machine:

Small automatic cutting machine for cloth is a machine that realizes cutting purpose through the relative movement of laser head on material.


1. Small size, easy to place, will not take up space.

2. You can choose the independent loading and unloading correction system, truly realize the independent correction, continuous cutting of the workpiece, for large materials such as sofa leather, can also achieve continuous cutting.

3. With cover, reduce the smoke in the house, reduce the damage to the operator.

4. Digital control system, one person can operate multiple machines, save time and labor, improve production efficiency.

About other features and matters needing attention, can consult me for details, and then answer for you one by one ~

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