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Sofa cutting machine knowledge

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  More and more sofas are customized, and many factories choose to use smart machines instead of manual production, which is not only efficient but also cost-saving.

But how much do you know the basic knowledge of sofa cutting machine? Take a look with me~

  Features of sofa cutting machine

1. Fully automatic and intelligent: the use of crawler worktables and feeding systems can realize automatic continuous processing

2. Improve efficiency: The high-power laser tube is equipped with high-speed inner slide rails, which has a fast cutting speed and has a good effect of automatic edge locking.

3. Special-shaped sofa customization: It can quickly change the special-shaped size, which is simple and convenient.

Precautions for use:

1. When cutting, be sure to turn on the water pump to promote water circulation and cool the laser tube.

2. It is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant reflective objects in the equipment to prevent danger

3. It is forbidden to start the machine when the voltage is unstable, as this will damage the machine

4. The machine must be grounded for work

5. Clean the sundries on the countertop, stopper and guide rail regularly every day.

6. Remember to clean the water pump once every half month

7. Do not carry metal objects when cutting the sofa, it may cause accidents.

Maichuang sofa cutting machine supports private customization, please consult me for details.

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