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The advantages and precautions of the round knife cutting machine

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With the progress of the social age, more and more machines replace human production. The circular knife cutting machine, as one of them, is mainly used in the segmentation and cutting of clothing, sofa leather, optical fiber, cotton, linen, blankets and other fields.


The circular knife cutting machine transmits the power to the worm and worm wheel through the motor to drive the circular knife to move. The process is safe and healthy, and there is no need to worry about smoke and other gases.


The advantages of the round knife cutting machine:

1. The high-hardness tungsten steel round cutter head can cut flexible materials such as sofas and clothing smoothly and frictionlessly.

2. The crawler worktable is designed with automatic feeding to realize automatic intelligence

3. Numerical control equipment system, intelligent typesetting, improve work efficiency.


In daily production, the round knife cutting machine greatly improves our work efficiency and saves costs. It has a very high blade speed during movement, so we need to know more about safe operation during use.

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply, blades, control devices and other equipment are normal. Control and solve in time.

2. Whether the cutting edge of the blade is in a sharp state, check and replace it in time.

3. It is prohibited to cut two flexible fabrics of different materials at the same time.

4. The control panel and the control counter are strictly prohibited from placing magnetic or other induction current products.

5. Without training, others are not allowed to use the machine arbitrarily, etc.



The above is my summary of the round knife cutting machine. If you have more understanding, you can consult us for details.

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