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The importance of auxiliary gas blowing system to laser cutting machine

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  Don’t think that the air blowing system on a laser cutting machine seems to have no practical effect. When processing, most people use it as a "suction" or ordinary air blowing system to fix the material or blow away the cutting residue on the cutting platform. Look. In fact, the usefulness of the auxiliary gas is of great importance to the laser cutting machine. On the processing table of the non-metal laser cutting machine, the auxiliary gas is mostly called "suction", but the actual function is not to fix the material, although It also has the effect of fixing the material, but its main function is to "suck away" the excess dust and slag generated in the cutting gap during the processing of the laser cutting machine, so that the cuts processed by the laser cutting machine are neat and smooth. There is no burr or slag adhesion, and most non-metallic materials have a low melting point. The existence of the auxiliary gas blowing system can avoid the unnecessary radiation of heat during the laser cutting machine processing, so that the cutting edge is extremely thin and precise .

  On the metal laser cutting machine, there is usually auxiliary gas ejected coaxially from the laser head nozzle. On the one hand, these auxiliary gases can escape the slag and ensure the cutting quality. Oxygen or other active gases can also be used for flux cutting. For example, oxygen can be used. When cutting stainless steel, the nozzle of the laser cutting machine is coaxially ejected with the laser, which can release a large amount of oxidation heat, thereby speeding up the cutting speed.

Therefore, the auxiliary gas blowing system is an inseparable part of the laser cutting machine processing process.

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