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The role of CO2 laser beam combiner

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CO2 beam combiner is also called CO2 beam combiner. The function of the beam combiner: the two laser beams emitted from different directions are integrated into the same laser beam through optical reflection. When the laser equipment needs red light positioning, the beam combiner is needed, which is an important part of the laser marking machine. When the laser is output from the CO2 laser tube as a laser with a wavelength of 10.6 microns, this laser is invisible. In the actual marking process, it is often necessary to know where the laser focus point is, so as to determine whether the marking position is correct. At this time, it is necessary to use the visible 650nm red light emitted by the diode under the action of the beam combiner to combine with the 10.6 micron laser light emitted by the CO2 laser tube into a beam of light, so that the 650nm red light refers to the position 10.6 micron laser location, so as to achieve the purpose of using red light to indicate the laser.

The difference between CO2 beam combiner and laser focusing lens: CO2 beam combiner is used to combine light and combine two beams into one beam, which is generally used in laser marking machines; laser focusing lens is used to gather laser light and combine CO2 laser tube The output laser is condensed at one point, and the laser focusing lens is widely used.

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