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Types of lasers Laser CO2 cutting machine

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Since laser technology was introduced to cut thin metal sheets, CO2 lasers have dominated the market. The CO2 laser light source requires a lot of energy to excite nitrogen molecules to collide with CO2 molecules (laser gas), prompting them to emit photons, and finally form a laser beam that can cut through the metal. The molecular activity in the cavity releases light as well as heat, which requires a cooling system to cool the laser gas. This means that more energy is consumed during the cooling process, further reducing energy efficiency.

fiber-optic laser

The machine using the fiber laser occupies a small area, and the laser light source and cooling system are also smaller; there is no laser gas pipeline, and no lens adjustment is required. The 2kw or 3kw fiber laser light source only needs 50% of the energy consumption of the 4kw or 6kw CO2 laser light source to achieve the same performance, and is faster, lower energy consumption, and has less impact on the environment.

The fiber laser uses solid-state diodes to pump the molecules in the double-clad ytterbium-doped fiber. The stimulated emission of light passes through the fiber core multiple times, and then the laser is output through the transmission fiber to the focusing head for cutting. Since all intermolecular collisions occur in the fiber, no laser gas is required, so the energy required is greatly reduced-about one-third of the CO2 laser. As the less heat is generated, the volume of the cooler can be reduced accordingly. In short, while achieving the same performance, the overall energy consumption of fiber lasers is 70% lower than that of CO2 lasers.

The MicroVector device uses vectors to describe the path of the laser, making it smoother. The contour edges of the cover film cut by such a laser system are neat and round, smooth, without burrs, and without glue overflow. It is inevitable to open the window with molds and other machining methods. There will be burrs and glue overflow after punching. Such burrs and glue overflow are difficult to remove after bonding and pressing on the pads, which will directly affect the subsequent The quality of the coating. With the MicroVector system, this problem can be solved, because you only need to import the modified CAD data into the MicroVector software system to easily and quickly process the cover film you want to open the window, which will reduce the time and cost. For you to win market competition opportunities. MicroVector equipment integrates CNC technology, laser technology, software technology and other high-tech optomechanical technology. It has the characteristics of high flexibility, high precision, high speed and other advanced manufacturing technologies, which can enable circuit board manufacturers to be technically, economically, and time-sensitive. Change the traditional processing and delivery methods of flexible boards in terms of upper and autonomy.


1. Advantages of laser cutting FPC

2. The laser has three main functions in the manufacturing process of flexible circuit boards: FPC profile cutting, covering film windowing, drilling, etc.;

3. Directly use CAD data for laser cutting, which is more convenient and faster, and can greatly shorten the delivery cycle;

4. Do not increase processing difficulty due to complex shapes and tortuous paths;

5. When opening the cover film, the cut out cover film contour edge is neat and round, smooth, without burrs, and without glue overflow. It is inevitable to open the window by machining methods such as molds, and there will be burrs and glue overflow near the window after punching.

6. Flexible board sample processing often results in changes to the cover film window due to customer needs to modify the circuit and pad positions. The traditional method requires replacement or modification of the mold. With laser processing, this problem can be solved, because you only need to import the modified CAD data to easily and quickly process the cover film you want to open the window graphics, which will win the market for you in terms of time and cost. Competitive opportunities.

7. The laser processing precision is high, and it is an ideal tool for the forming and processing of flexible circuit boards. The laser can process the material into any shape.

8. In the past mass production, many small parts were formed by pressing with mechanical hard stamping moulds. However, the large loss and long lead time of the hard die method are impractical and costly for the processing and molding of small parts.

CO2 laser cutting technology

YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet crystal) laser is a solid-state laser, which can excite pulsed laser or continuous laser. The emitted laser has an infrared wavelength of 1.064μm.

FPC UV type

Ultraviolet laser cutting machine is a cutting system that adopts ultraviolet laser, using the characteristics of ultraviolet light, it has higher precision and better cutting effect than traditional long-wavelength cutting machines. The use of high-energy laser sources and precise control of the laser beam can effectively increase the processing speed and obtain more accurate processing results.

The UV laser cutting machine can precisely cut flexible circuit boards and organic cover films without special pressure and mold fixation. It adopts galvanometer scanning and linear motor two-dimensional worktable combined movement mode, which does not increase the processing difficulty due to complex shapes and tortuous paths.

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