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What are the advantages of garment cutting machines

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With the progress of society, the originally inefficient garment cutting machines can no longer meet the needs of society. In order to meet the overall market demand and the needs of garment manufacturers, large quantities of garment cutting machines have also emerged.

Laser cutting machine: Use an invisible laser beam instead of a blade to cut and cut materials. Advantages: fast speed, high efficiency, precise incision. Applicable objects: all kinds of fabrics.

Round knife cutting machine: Use a round blade to rotate and cut. Advantages: high efficiency, smokeless, tasteless and environmentally friendly. Applicable objects: soft materials or single-layer cutting, such as: sofa leather, textile clothing, carbon fiber cloth, etc.

Vibrating knife cutting: The power of the mechanical arm and the up and down vibration of the blade form cutting kinetic energy.

Advantages: wide audience, special-shaped customization, high precision and fast speed. Applicable objects: car interior cushions, sofa carpets, yoga sponges, textiles and clothing, etc.

There are many machines for garment cutting machines, I hope you can choose them according to your needs.

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