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What is a laser cutting machine, what is its function, and how to choose and buy it?

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  Laser cutting machine refers to the equipment that uses laser beam instead of invisible blade to cut and cut the workpiece. It is characterized by fast speed, high efficiency, smooth and flawless edges.

It can be widely used in non-metallic aspects such as acrylic, paper, cloth, wood, plastic, acrylic, density board and so on.

  How to choose a laser cutting machine:

  In the age of many industrial machines, laser cutting machines have undergone different changes, in terms of function, size, performance, etc. In order to allow each partner to better choose the machine that suits him, the editor summarizes a few points. I hope it will be helpful to you about the purchase of laser cutting machine.

1. Starting from your own purchase needs:

It is recommended to choose a fiber laser cutting machine for metals, which has high power and high speed, and does not require molds.

It is recommended to choose an ordinary co2 laser cutting machine for non-metals, with precise cuts, smoothness, and no damage to the material surface.

2. Starting from your own processing materials:

Choose the size of the table according to the size of the material to be processed. It is not that the larger the work surface, the better the processing efficiency. For example, for some poor-quality equipment, the average laser output is unstable due to the large table surface, and the cut products are also uneven.

3. Starting from the required machine power:

The machine power used by different materials is different, and the corresponding laser tube is also different. For example, acrylic requires higher power, and fabric requires lower power.

4. Observe the machine performance such as: speed and accuracy:

This is the most intuitive and simplest judgment. The speed of a suitable device is faster and more accurate.

5. Look at the after-sales service:

A powerful enterprise not only guarantees the quality of the machine, but also guarantees the after-sales maintenance service, and is also more responsible for the equipment and machinery.

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