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Woodworking automatic cutting machine

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The woodworking automatic cutting machine is mainly used in woodworking cutting, engraving and other processes, and it is very common in woodworking processing centers, panel furniture production lines and other places.

Features of woodworking automatic cutting machine:

1. New research and development of automatic loading and unloading cutting board machine, realizing the real liberation of hands.

2. For small materials, the exclusively developed small material presser can ensure accuracy even when cutting small materials

3. Equipped with a solid rubber roller to fix the plate on the platform, there will be no offset during the multi-layer cutting process, and the accuracy is high

4. The customized typesetting software used can intelligently typesetting, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the board

5. The operation is simple, and the machine can be started normally

6. Automatic typesetting, simple operation by one person

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