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Automatic cloth cutting machine

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Automatic cloth cutting machine adopts the third generation of intelligent control system, full automatic processing, automatic material loading and unloading, intelligent layout and automatic cutting can be completed one by one.

Compared with traditional handicrafts, automatic cloth cutting machine products are more varied, cutting edge more smooth, more beautiful appearance, higher efficiency, more material savings.


Automatic cloth cutting machine adopts a word net (can be changed with the demand) caterpillar type large working table, for clothing, home textile, industrial products and other wide fabrics, can also achieve automatic feeding, one-time cutting.

Single/double laser head, working alternately, higher efficiency, faster speed.

With CCD visual cutting, you can identify the contour cutting, accurately complete the cutting of different patterns, rich product shape type.

The whole door is covered with ventilation to improve the indoor smoke and reduce the yellowing and charring of the cloth.

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