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The principle and advantages of laser engraving machine

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The working principle of laser engraving machine:

1) Dot matrix engraving. Dot matrix engraving resembles high-definition dot matrix printing. The laser head swings left and right to engrave a line composed of a series of dots each time, and then the laser head moves up and down to engrave multiple lines at the same time, and finally constitutes a full-page image or text. The scanned graphics, text and vectorized graphics can all be engraved by dot matrix.

2) Vector cutting Unlike dot matrix engraving, vector cutting is performed on the outer contour line of the graphic. We usually use this mode for penetrating cutting on wood, acrylic, paper and other materials, as well as marking on the surface of a variety of materials.

3) Engraving speed: Engraving speed refers to the moving speed of the laser head, usually expressed in IPS (inches per second). High speed brings high production efficiency. Speed is also used to control the depth of cutting. For a specific laser intensity, the slower the speed, the greater the depth of cutting or engraving.

4) Engraving intensity: Engraving intensity refers to the intensity of the laser that hits the surface of the material. For a specific engraving speed, the greater the intensity, the greater the depth of cutting or engraving.

5) Spot size: The spot size of the laser beam can be adjusted with lenses with different focal lengths. The small spot lens is used for high-resolution engraving. A lens with a large spot is used for lower resolution engraving, but it is the best choice for vector cutting. The standard configuration of the new device is a 2.0-inch lens. The spot size is in the middle, which is suitable for various occasions.

6) Carving materials: wood products, plexiglass, metal plates, glass, stone, crystal, Corian, paper, two-color plates, alumina, leather, resin, spray gold

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