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Why can't fiber laser cutters cut alloy materials

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Fiber laser cutting machine is not unable to cut alloy materials, or is not suitable for cutting alloy materials. Here's why:

1. Compared with steel, alloy materials have poor thermal conductivity at high temperature, and a large amount of cutting heat will be borne by oxidation tip tap, leading to plastic deformation, bonding and diffusion wear of cutting edges.

2. There are some alloy materials processed by laser cutting machine will produce work hardening tendency to increase. For example: GH4X169, the hardness before processing is basically in HRC37, laser cutting machine after the surface hardening layer reaches HRC47 or so, which will make the boundary appear serious wear.

3. Nickel-based alloy, in which a small amount of molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, tungsten and other elements are also the main components of the oxidation tip tap, through high temperature processing will diffuse wear and abrasive wear.

4. These alloys, which are up to 30% higher than ordinary alloy steels, are difficult to melt even at 600 degrees Celsius and require greater cutting force.

Despite the obvious advantages of fiber cutting machines, they are not indestructible.

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