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Advantages of laser engraving machine

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Advantages of laser engraving machine

1. Laser engraving can automatically skip numbers, has strong anti-counterfeiting function, and has exquisite graphics and text, fine lines, cleaning and abrasion resistance.

2. Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution, no toxic substances, easy to pass the RoHS standard, easy to produce. 3

3. Material saving: Laser processing adopts computer programming, which can cut products of different shapes, maximize the utilization of materials, and greatly reduce the cost of materials for enterprises.

4. Accurate and meticulous: The thinnest line width of laser engraving on the surface of the material can reach 0.015mm, and the width of the laser cutting incision is generally 0.1~0.5mm. The welding is cold welding and the weld is flat, and there is no heat-affected zone.

5. Small thermal deformation: The laser beam of the metal marking machine is small, fast, and concentrated, so the heat transferred to the processed material is small, and the material deformation is also very small. 6

6. Processed surface: laser engraving machine, the welding surface is free of burrs, and the processed surface has a good finish. Can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products.


1. When using auto focus, pay attention to the auto focus rod must be fastened, otherwise the work surface will hit the laser.

2. It is forbidden to open the cover of the laser engraving machine when it is working.

3. When processing wood and paper, you must pay attention to the processing speed to avoid fire.

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