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Carpet mat cutting machine

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The carpet floor mat vibrating knife cutting machine adopts up and down vibration physical cutting, which is not only efficient and environmentally friendly to materials, and will not burn or paste edges. It can also be used for all kinds of long-haired short-haired carpets, lass carpets, etc. Smooth cutting.

I have always trusted Michuangjia's carpet mat cutting machine. The advantages are as follows:

1. The edge of the finished product is smooth and flat, and the size is also the same.

2. Large-format open crawler-style countertops are labor-saving and convenient, and large materials can also be easily cut.

3. Independent research and development of the correction frame, fully automatic loading and unloading, to prevent the material from shifting in the processing process, and achieve super-format cutting

4. The whole gantry is covered with ventilation, combined with the imported felt of the upper aviation aluminum plate, partitioned adsorption, automatic cleaning of impurities during cutting.

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