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Fiber laser cutting machine can cut those materials

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  Everyone knows that the power of fiber laser cutting machine is very large, and the range of cutting is also very wide. Today I will share with you what kind of materials the fiber laser cutting machine can cut.

  1. First of all, we must understand that the fiber laser cutting machine is a machine specially designed for cutting metal. Generally speaking, any metal can be cut, but some highly reflective materials, such as copper, aluminum and other metals with very high reflectivity, if you want to cut, only install the "reflective absorption" device, otherwise the reflection will be high. The heat will destroy the optical components, and there are also some alloy materials that are not suitable for processing and cutting with a fiber laser cutting machine.

  2. Non-metallic materials. Some common non-metallic materials can be cut with a fiber laser cutting machine to achieve better results. For example: plastic, rubber, leather and other synthetic materials and organic matter. Harmful substances may be emitted during processing, and we need to take protective measures in advance.

With the development of society. All kinds of laser equipment are gradually becoming popular. When cutting, we must have certain cutting characteristics and requirements to facilitate our processing.

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