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How to use the round knife cutting machine

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The circular knife cutting machine is a machine that acts on the market of flexible materials such as clothing and sofas. With the help of the power of the arm and the high-speed rotation of its own blade, it can accurately cut fur. The clothing and other materials are fully intelligent and automatic loading and unloading, even if it is a large cutting material. Fully grasp.


1. The round knife cutting machine can sharpen the knife by itself and run stably. Before use, observe the condition of the cutter head for wear. Stop it in time, don't wait for the problem to be discovered after starting up, waste time and waste materials.

2. Since it is difficult to stop during work, check whether the power supply, blades, control devices and other equipment are normal before turning on the machine to prevent problems with the machine and harm the innocent.

3. Check whether the power cord is safe and reliable before starting up.

4. Concentrate when changing the blade halfway, otherwise it is easy to be scratched by the blade

5. If an abnormal sound occurs, the machine should be stopped in time.

6. When the machine is not in use, the power must be cut off in time to avoid contact with non-professionals.

Regarding post-maintenance warranty:

1. Regularly clean the blades and felts. The blade generally needs to be replaced once a week, and the felt is replaced once a year.

2. When there is a problem, you must contact the relevant personnel in time by video, telephone and other contact methods to determine the machine problem.

3. Pay attention to observe whether there is lubricating oil on the surface of the horizontal and longitudinal guide rails and racks of the machine to keep them well lubricated!

4. Periodically wipe the machine table with alcohol to prevent the suction port from clogging

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