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Principle of automatic cutting knife

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The automatic cutting knife is an automatic cutting equipment used in the textile and apparel, leather industry, car seat, and furniture industries. It is also the round knife cutting machine and the vibrating knife cutting machine we often see.

The automatic cutter is composed of a mounting frame, a motor, a main shaft, and a driven shaft.

We put the material on the platform and transport the material directly to the conveying channel by means of the active shaft movement of the feeding mechanism. The sensor receives the material position signal and transmits it to the driving device to prompt the blade in the cutting mechanism to perform the cutting operation.

The CNC cutting system in the automatic cutting machine knife will pre-program the pattern of the processed material, and input it into the CNC device of the CNC machine tool through the control medium, so as to instruct the machine tool to process the parts to get the pattern shape we want.

The surface of the parts cut by the automatic cutting knife is smooth and correct, and the quantity and quality have been greatly improved

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