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Safe operation rules of automatic cutting machine

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The automatic cutting machine is a device for dividing and cutting materials in all walks of life, and it plays an important role in industrial production. Here is a brief introduction about the safe operating procedures for the use of the automatic cutting machine.


1. Before starting the machine, check the electrical, cutter head, control device and other parts of the cutting machine.

2. Check whether the lubrication points of the cutting machine are well lubricated.

3. Don't easily penetrate into the baffle of the machine with your hands or other objects.

4. Do not place combustibles around the equipment, which may cause fire.

5. Be sure to check whether all types of bottom wire cables are connected to the ground terminal of the cutting machine as required.

6. The cleaning tools are placed in the specified position, and it is forbidden to leave them at random

7. When maintaining the machine, back up the parameters in advance to avoid loss.

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