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Sofa cutting machine purchase small dry goods

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  More and more sofa companies choose to use machines instead of manual production and processing. Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge of sofa cutting equipment, many companies not only lead to low production efficiency and unsatisfactory quality of the machines they buy, but also produce automatic cutting equipment. doubt.

Today I will share with you how to choose a suitable sofa cutting machine!

1. Equipment type: comparison between laser sofa cutting machine and vibrating knife

The laser sofa cutting machine far surpasses other equipment in terms of accuracy, fabric saving, cost use, and adaptability of cutting materials, and a little smoke will be produced in the experience of use.

Vibrating knife is more advantageous to PVC material. It is possible to cut materials of the same thickness as kt board.

Summary: If you want a wide range of fabrics, low production cost, high precision, fabric saving, etc., it is recommended to choose a laser cutting machine; if you have a single fabric (only cut the surface layer), you only care about the experience of use such as smoke, or it is very thick It is recommended to choose a knife cutter for the material.

2. Comparison of electric knife and automatic cutting machine

It is obvious from the name that there are differences between the two in terms of safety, accuracy, intelligence and manual waste. The operation of electric knives is dangerous and the cutting is inaccurate. In the face of large-scale production, one cannot operate it.

Automated cutting machine, fully automated processing, intelligent typesetting, one person can solve all procedures, save costs and improve efficiency.

Summary: The automated cutting machine is better.

3. Comparison of other points

In addition to the above aspects, choosing a suitable sofa cutting machine also depends on the strength of the enterprise.

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