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Ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine selection guide

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After years of development, the fiber laser cutting machine has improved the production efficiency for the processing and production of various industries, and its application in various industries has become more and more extensive. Fiber laser cutting machine uses laser technology for processing and production, which is non-contact processing. Compared with traditional methods, it not only does not cause material deformation and damage, but also processes fine and fast. At present, the number of domestic fiber laser cutting machine brands continues to increase, resulting in different prices for fiber laser cutting machines on the market.

A laser cutting machine mainly contains six core components: laser cutting head, laser, motor, machine tool, numerical control system, laser lens, etc. The configuration of these core components determines the price of the laser cutting machine, especially the quality and quality of the laser. To a large extent determines the basic price of the laser cutting machine. The following Shuangcheng Laser Editor has developed this laser cutting machine purchase guide for users and friends to help you choose the fiber laser cutting machine that suits you.

1. Laser

At present, the main imported laser brands in the market are IPG, TRUMPF, Enna, SPI, etc. The largest market share is IPG. Domestic brands include Ruike, Chuangxin, JPT, Fibo, etc., and Rui has the largest share. Branch out. Under normal circumstances, there is basically no difference between domestic brands and imported brands of fiber lasers with power below 3000W for cutting the same material, and there is still a difference in high power.

2. Power

The size of the power is an important part of the price of the fiber laser cutting machine. The greater the power, the higher the price and the greater the working efficiency of the product. Therefore, buyers can choose a cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine according to their personal needs and after assessing their production needs.

The price of fiber laser cutting machine is also inextricably related to the type and material of the product to be cut. Before purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, the thickness and material of the applicable product should be clarified, so as to comprehensively consider the manufacturers of fiber laser cutting machine. The cutting process, bed process, sheet metal process, assembly process and other process-related issues, the final selection of the appropriate laser cutting machine for cutting products.


3. Precision and bed

The machining accuracy of the machine tool is an important index to measure the performance of the machine tool. There are many factors that affect the machining accuracy of machine tools, including the accuracy of the machine tool itself, as well as the deformation of the machine tool and the process system, the vibration during processing, the wear of the machine tool, and the wear of the tool. Among the above factors, the accuracy of the machine tool itself is an important factor. For example, when turning a cylindrical surface on a lathe, the cylindricity is mainly determined by the stability of the rotation axis of the workpiece, the straightness of the tool nose movement trajectory, and the parallelism between the tool nose movement trajectory and the workpiece rotation axis, which is mainly determined by the lathe The movement accuracy of the spindle and the tool post and the position accuracy of the tool post movement trajectory relative to the spindle.

The accuracy of the machine tool includes geometric accuracy, transmission accuracy, positioning accuracy, and work accuracy. Different types of machine tools have different requirements for these aspects.

Fourth, the software

The software system is provided by the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer. A good laser company will have a professional technical department to develop and update related software systems. A better software system means higher prices, but the advantages are self-evident. Yu, not only can be better compatible with the hardware, perfectly matched together, but also can maximize the function.

Five, accessories and consumables

In addition to considering the main core components, optical isolators, xenon lamps, mechanical consoles, water cooling equipment, optical equipment (half mirrors, total mirrors, refractors, etc.) and other accessories are also important factors affecting the overall price of laser cutting machines. One, therefore, choosing better-quality accessories often costs more money, but it will make the equipment run more smoothly and work twice the result with half the effort.


Sixth, brand and service

Choose to buy a laser cutting machine, different brands, the price will be very different, choose a well-known brand for selection of goods, although more funds may be invested, but the product quality and after-sales can often be better guaranteed . It is important to save money, but don't be greedy for the small and lose the big, for the sake of temporary cheapness and unnecessary trouble to buy.


The above is the purchase guide for the super high power fiber laser cutting machine for you. Please be sure to follow your own actual situation and take the needs as the starting point of the peers to focus on quality, effect, reputation and after-sales service.




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