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What are the competitive advantages of laser cutting machines?

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  In recent years, laser cutting machines have been widely used in all walks of life as a new equipment. So what are the advantages of laser cutting machines?

Today, I will take you to give you a brief introduction from the three aspects of his applicable objects, working principles, and operating specifications.

1. Applicable objects:

  Laser cutting machines can be widely used in non-metal industries. The high-energy-density laser spot can make non-metal parts heat up, melt and evaporate, forming a variety of exquisite finished products.

2. Working principle:

  The laser cutting machine uses the laser emitted by the co2 laser light source to gather the laser dots through the principle of three mirrors and one inverse, and the relative movement is performed on the surface of the workpiece by heating and melting, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting and cutting.

Compared with other cutting machines, the speed is faster, the gap is smaller, the thermal deformation is smaller, and the production efficiency is higher. , The error is smaller and the sample is more refined.

3. Operating specifications:

  The laser cutting machine is easier to operate than the ordinary cutting machine, and it can be used offline. The body itself is equipped with CNC programming equipment, and one person can easily complete all the cutting and cutting processes.

In summary, it can be seen that the laser cutting machine does have certain advantages in the industry. For more questions, please consult me in detail.

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