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What are the precautions for garment automatic cutting machine?

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The automatic garment cutting machine is used in the garment industry to cut and cut various garment fabrics such as fur, plush fabric, silk and so on.


1. Before use, you should be familiar with the performance and function of the garment automatic cutting machine.

2. When the cover of the cutting head or other safety devices are not installed, please do not use the machine;

3. When the machine is running, do not remove the perforated paper, film, fabric or other materials. Once it is blocked, press the emergency stop button immediately, and after the standby device stops, pull out the blockage;

4. Move the laser machine steadily without too much fluctuation

5. Install a regulated power supply to prevent voltage fluctuations from causing damage to the machine

6. Wear protective equipment, such as: wear protective goggles near the laser beam.

7. Keep the laser, the bed and the surrounding area clean, orderly, and free of oil pollution. Workpieces, plates, and waste materials are stacked according to regulations.

8. It is strictly forbidden to touch and wipe the cutting part with gauze.


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