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How to prevent high-pressure ignition of laser tube

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There are two situations where 80w, 100w, 130w, and 150w laser tubes produce high-pressure sparks. In both types of sparks, you can hear obvious firecrackers. Failure phenomena: there are two phenomena: sparks inside the laser tube and sparks outside the tube. During observation, the sparking inside the tube can see the obvious discharge arc inside the tube, and the sparking outside the tube can see the obvious discharge arc at the sparking point. The sparking outside the tube is mainly at the high-voltage joint or near the high-voltage line.

cause of issue:


(1) Fire in the pipe:

After energizing, inside the laser tube, the positive or negative terminal sparks. This phenomenon basically concludes that the laser tube has been damaged.

(2) Fire outside the pipe:

(1) Poor contact. The high-pressure connector is loose. To

(2) The moisture at the high-pressure joint is too large and the ambient air is humid. The high-voltage connector discharges outwards, causing ignition. To

(3) There is damage. Leakage of high voltage line. To


Solution for sparking outside the management:

(1) To see if there is any looseness, pull the wires at both ends of the high-voltage connector. When welding the welding terminal on the laser tube, it must be fast. Do not heat it for a long time to prevent the welding joint from being heated and loose.

(2) Keep the periphery of the laser tube dry at ordinary times. Do not let the laser tube condense water; ensure that the air at the high-pressure joint is dry, in humid weather, and there is no moisture on the high-pressure joint seat. To

(3) The high-voltage line must be replaced when it is damaged, and it cannot be wrapped up with electrical tape. To

(4) The high-pressure end of the laser tube is more than 15cm away from the metal casing.

(5) Wrap the positive part of the laser tube with plastic wrap to prevent dust and static electricity.

(6) After the connection end of the high-voltage line of the laser tube and the high-voltage line of the power supply is covered with a heat-shrinkable tube or high-voltage tape, cover it with a silicone tube. It should be fixed on the laser tube to prevent shaking.

Note: High-pressure sparking will cause the motherboard to malfunction, and in severe cases, it can cause damage to the motherboard.

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