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About CCD laser cutting machine

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1 Product Features

  Cameras positioning cutting machine is for all non-metal cutting industry research and development of the latest models, the system camera can achieve automatic backlight compensation, operating software for automatic correction of the circle and establish a model, completely solve the need to computer other ways to carry out line-by-line modeling,

  Setting up modeling signs, and rectifying processing defects such as irregularities, automatic positioning and automatic search of operating software, can be implemented throughout the automatic multiple operations without manual intervention.

  The advantage over ordinary cutting machines is that they can locate the pattern according to the camera and then cut along the edge of the captured pattern.

2 Suitable materials

  Suitable for trademark woven label, printing, embroidery back chapter, rubber chapter, silk printing trademark, jacquard ribbon fabric, leather material cutting: smooth cut without loose edge, no deformation, uniform and accurate size;

  Multi-layer cutting at the same time, arbitrary complex shape;

  High efficiency, low cost, perfect effect, can design and produce products, trademark cutting, cloth embroidery, special embroidery, dust-free cloth, non-woven cloth and other cloth cutting pieces.

3 Applicable industries

  This kind of machine is used in the embroidery back stamp, computer woven label, printing, clothing, leather, cloth toys and other industries of non-metal special-shaped patterns precise camera positioning and cutting professional users

4 Application Advantages

  one:The industry leading identification technology is adopted to automatically track the trademark edge cutting line or positioning feature points according to the color difference of the edge, and realize automatic positioning cutting or punching.

  Thoroughly solve the problem of artificial alignment in laser cutting

  Two: the use of automatic camera positioning and identification system marks the laser technology, automation technology, artificial vision intelligence technology of the harmonious unity, will improve the production and processing capacity for users, to obtain sustainable and positive production efficiency to provide a strong help

  Three: time is the benefit, the shortest cutting path of software design, is the automatic camera positioning cutting machine everywhere for the sake of users another bright spot, and for the shortest path of software design, the average savings of 10-20% of the working time, equal to increase the benefit of 10-20%.

  Four: the realization of fast and continuous curve cutting function is due to the powerful data processing ability of high-end DSP technology, the targeted design of computer software and the meticulous coordination of precision mechanical system. Under the condition of high speed operation, the cutting line does not deform at all, and the cutting curve is never distorted.


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