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Application Industry of 1390 Laser Engraving Machine

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1390 laser engraving machine 

1390 laser engraving machine

1390 laser engraving machine

1390 laser engraving machine is specially used in various fields of various industries, such as advertising, decoration, craft gifts, clothing, etc.

The laser engraving machine makes various non-metal crafts, gifts, ornaments, clothing and other engraving, craft hollowing, slope carving, dotting and other craft production.

The mechanical structure of the laser engraving machine is more compact and reasonable, the material of the garment fabric cutting machine is cut, the electrical performance is stable, all the tests are in line with international standards, and the engraving speed is fast and the precision is high. According to the actual situation in China, the DSP control system of the operating system is simple and easy to operate. (Configurable camera, rotator, lifting platform, automatic feeding platform, servo system)

Suitable materials: cloth leather wool canvas organic glass bamboo wood products plastic rubber tile paper glass film various touch screen conductive film backlight board diffusion film various types of electronic insulation materials, SMT cover plate, PET, PC, PP, ABS, wood, acrylic Non-metallic materials such as resin and composite materials

Applicable industry: This type of machine is suitable for clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, abrasive cutting, handicraft carving, advertising, decoration, decoration, packaging, printing, paper products and other industries.

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