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Application of CCD vision detection in laser processing industry

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Laser cutting

  Machine vision is used for laser cutting, guiding laser cutting can make the product cutting line precise, smooth edge, easy to cut out any shape and size you want.

  From the automotive industry, semiconductor industry, mold industry to the raw material industry, consumer goods manufacturing, aerospace industry will be used in laser cutting, specific applications such as wafer cutting, FPC flexible circuit board cutting, cloth/leather cutting, automotive parts cutting, etc..

Laser welding

  Visual positioning technology is introduced into the laser welding operation to provide positioning parameters for the movement of laser welding equipment, which can achieve high precision laser welding.

  While effectively improving the work efficiency, it can also avoid the above defects and improve the production process, thus greatly saving the cost of the system.

  The main functions of machine vision in this process are: automatic identification of incoming workpiece, distinguishing the welding area of different workpiece, and automatic accurate search and positioning of the preset welding area of each workpiece.

  After the automatic precise positioning of the welding area, the real-time output of the welding position coordinates through data communication can guide the laser to carry out the precise welding of the preset trajectory.

  In the advanced welding application, the size, position and appearance of the welding traces can also be re-checked after the welding is completed through software upgrade, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of the welding quality in the production process and greatly improve the production efficiency.

  Specific applications such as automotive body plate welding, battery welding, cardiac pacemakers, sealed relays, etc.

Laser marking

  Through the visual system to assist laser marking, the advantages of laser processing can be more comprehensive play, not only can solve the marking accuracy problem, at the same time with high adaptability, no longer use of fixture, reduce costs, and improve the automation process of the product line, reduce the human participation, improve the efficiency of the system.

  Laser marking is widely used in a variety of materials and almost all industries. Machine vision guidance positioning is aimed at fragile material, small size of the target object, high positioning accuracy requirements, continuous and large quantities of marking operations, which can effectively improve production efficiency and ensure product quality consistency.

  Specific applications include IC marking, electronic consumer goods marking, automotive parts marking, shoe upper marking and so on.

Laser micromachining

  Laser micromachining includes fine machining methods such as scratching and adjusting resistance, which can cause great error in human eye judgment.

  Machine vision can clearly locate the machining area and guide the laser to work with as little error as possible.

  Specific applications such as laser resistance adjustment, thin film solar cell marking.

  The introduction of machine vision technology in the laser processing industry can improve the precision and intelligent automation function of laser processing equipment, meet the quality requirements of large-scale production of modern industrial products, meet the production consistency and meet the requirements of national laws and regulations, ensure the yield of finished products, thus saving costs and promoting the long-term development of enterprises.

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