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Automatic cutting machine

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With the progress of society, all walks of life are trending towards intelligent development. Automated machines have also appeared in large-scale factory industries such as textiles, garments, and furniture customization.

As a type of automatic cutting, it is composed of a body, a laser cutting head, a transmission positioning device, a horizontal guide rail, a longitudinal guide rail and a laser, etc., which can accurately cut and cut silk, textiles and clothing, sofa leather, etc.

Advantages of automatic cutting machine:

1. The large-size platform is fully automated, and the large-format continuous processing is automatically fed.

2. Intelligent optimization approach, CNC programming design. Intelligent typesetting, saving materials and reducing costs.

3. The high-power laser tube and the inner slide rail are set to cut smoothly and quickly, which is a perfect substitute for manual labor.

4. CCD configuration, automatic and accurate recognition of patterns, fast cutting.

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